Blood Breathing Idols

by Primeval Mass

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Recorded, produced and mixed between January and August of the 2.012th year.


released December 12, 2012

-Music and lyrics by Orth.
-Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Storms and Invocations by Orth
-Drums by Alex Zachos



all rights reserved
Track Name: Rites of Transcendence
Spellburnt in pain’s scorn
Blossomed in Abyss’ most delightful flames
A spawn hideous, yet his eyes forged in the catacombs of Hades
To see with the most splendid sight the crimson-eyed beast engraved
In this open tomb, this soul
That walks amongst stars and fields untamed
And fields untamed!

Thou, horned Spectrum nebular!
Spread art thine webs within
My soul’s embryonic god, reflecting my inmost will
I summon my blood-fed thoughts
My forthcoming majesties
Emerging in four horizons
The glooms of this mourning sphere

Thou, horned Spectrum nebular!
These scars are holding no more pain
In soiled grounds I’m no more lying
Eternally I‘ll bear thy shifting flames
With this blood that is spilled before you
An immortal pact in pride I seal
Behold thy newborn spawn
Transcending beyond infinity!

These spirals draw chaos in minds inspired and in fleshes that weave voluptuous delights
As nightbird to mount beyond the starry unreached
To raise the eldest spark
Across this solemn path
Behind the colored scenes
Swirling between worlds unseen
Upon profane souls…To Feast!

Embrace me as the brightest star
Thou nightvault, thou ageless shore
These wings are now spread to conquer and fly upon the highest of thrones
It’s been a long time these eyes remained utterly wide shut
The time to Hunt hath cometh
Behold the beast’s rising flames
In shadows lurk
Track Name: Blood Breathing Idols
Unveil newformed spawn the slime from Thine eyes
To adore the lucidity of our mystical ascent
Let not the rays of feeble light to bind your penetrating sight
For Thou art of godflesh! Evoking strength!

The Bloodfed call for chaos
The Blood Breathing call for war

We crawled in sulphur plagues to forge Thine inmost Will
We drank the poison of the Snake, the ancient Reptile
For the deeper the solemn dagger in Thy flesh
The pain of pains
The more the worlds down on their knees, Thou, king!

Behold the reflected scorned dimensions
The immense path from Here to Beyond
Forget not, this Royal Path, this line to Us, Thy forefathers
This astral vault that is yours!

Never forget newformed
where this profane wound in Thy right hand came from
Once deadborn spawn from a mortal fatal sore
In fates of doom, remember, never to return
Angel, demon or God
The Undying’s you bear the mark

Celestial rise yet carnal march!
Fire the quests, rejoice the pleasures of the colored world
Yet, when Night falls
Thy blackening wings spread forth upon the darkened World
As predator upon prey breathe upon mortal Blood
Raise our Scarlet Horns

Cry not, newformed for seeing our fading in flames
Nor for the tomb we are passing forth
For this very time Thy cometh bears celebration
The feasts of all possible worlds
The brightest throne
Wail not, newformed for seeing us burning away
Our ashes annoint Thy sacred (forthcoming) throne
This sword we offer you as we are fading in flames
Now! Slash Thine enemies beyond!
Track Name: Cenotaph
Silent yells my voice within
The portals wide open towards shifting realities
The seals of neverending conquered realms
Carved as fleshes in blackened altars
An orifice seeding truths
Echoing in starless vast void skies
Upon your fragile rotting bodies

One wing for this brightest vault
One more for this dismal kingdom
Hovering and lurking beyond time and space
Crawling in Dreams, molding inhuman feasts
Ten thousand lives are not enough even for my single breath
Ten thousand thrones for my wars
The days for Harvesting behold
Blossomed spread my unending futures
Before mortal eyes to behold in awe
Unseen, untouched, unreached to remain
For the race of feeble blindfold
Crawling between truth and lie
I’ll burn your eyes declined to adore
For you puppets, worms or slaves
Magisterial I rise as messiah, king or God

Behold for a world to conquer more
My Dominion of indulgence I’ll ascend
For weaver of the cosmic web I am
Dreamer of Eternal Dream
For every time these wings spread forth
Ten thousand lives kneel before me
From Here to Beyond I lurk
Below abandoned cenotaph

Reminiscent am I hovering
Beyond the veils of vast nightskies
Untouched by grief and death and lies, am I weaving mortal lives
Remember my names on your knees till your prayers of doom
Forget my presence upon night
Every night I celebrate upon thee

This Dream of flesh I invoke
For from the womb of Cosmos I was made
From the sphere of astral darkness
My heartbeats form an endless core
Lucid in morbidity
In your veins I’m fatal venomous
In your icons I’m the rebel horned
Upon your dead god I’m eternally alive

Behold for a world to conquer more
My Dominion of indulgence I’ll ascend
For weaver of the cosmic web I am
Dreamer of Eternal Dream
For every time these wings spread forth
Ten thousand lives kneel before me
From Here to Beyond I lurk
Below abandoned cenotaph

For the fires in my eyes burnt your blindfold of mortality and misery
Of deadend fates and moral prides
The earth for a mundane tomb
The holocaust of the profane

Now puppets, worms and slaves
Shed one more delightful tear
Upon this tomb of the one God, messiah or king who always govern you
Behind the scenes, still pulling the strings
Your sorrowful prayers have been heard
The scepter of damnation is raised to reap you all for one more time!

Now wail a tear one silenced time
As you did ten thousand times before
This open tomb, this cruel memorial
Spawned forth for grief, sacrifice your life upon
This golden throne, this empty tomb
Behold the eternity that I rise
From stellar voids to infinite worlds
Thus, I remain forevermore!

Behold ten worlds to conquer more
My Dominion upon Eternity I ascend
For Weaver of the cosmic Web I am
Dreamer of an Endless Dream
For every life you shed before (me)
For ten thousand more I breed upon me
From Here to Beyond I rise
Below abandoned cenotaph
Forever empty cenotaph
Track Name: Spheres of Deliverance
Track Name: The Scarlet Horns
Behold the serpent crawling at the catacombs below
To the highest world behind your eyes
Lo and beckon his demand for (total) metamorphosis
To leave vile spawns behind
To abandon the ramshackle ship about to fall
and touch the stellar vault beyond the shinest stars

From the ashes of the final citadel of weakness
Rise in glory!
Beyond the mortal paths about to end
Join and rejoice the pleasures of all possible worlds!

Inside the endless depths of the abyss
In the untrodden corridors within
The Dragon’s egg about to breed
Dementia’s fall is lamented
Enlightened by my own sins

Hark the lore of the most ancient reptile
For each word a stair beyond all the most unknown truths
Stammered by the most wised
Martyred to remain silent by the most loyal ones

Desolate choose to remain
Solid from antiquity till most vast eternity
Feed your potent idols about to reign
Eliminate the deadend about to fall
March with fiery steps upon a bridge of thousands corpses
In dominion of the vile

Let the Serpent, the ancient reptile reborn within you
Let your most eldest Self, raise your glorious scepters
For this conquest in dead selves you must abandon (them) in pain
For this supremacy you shall leave them all in flames
Leave them all in flames

Now, darkness, seal my throne within!

Behold my gospels burning at the catacombs of this black earth
Their ashes shed upon your empty tomb’s grounds
Carve upon your mind the remembrance of my lore
Forget not my names, your lord with the igneous scarlet horns!
Track Name: Amongst the Ruins of Cosmos
Ashes spread forth in vast horizons
The furious (chilling) winds are mourning
A silenced world that finally drowned to an end
Ashes spread as phoenix wriggles for regeneration
A cosmic morgue for mankind’s sores

The eyes of infidels shall constitute a throne unmasked, unseen
Inhuman coronation, mundane chaos
Greet the new age’s seed
The eyes of infidels shall constitute a throne unmasked, unveiled
On kneels keep serving race of blindfold
The chains bind tighter
As our flames spread higher!

Wail a tear in mourning sacramentum
Teeth like daggers
The universal order
The predator’s law

Keep on worshipping my names
That marked and scorched your kingdom
Adore my scepter rising
Another flame curses this world

A crown brighter than the most splendid dawn
Risen banners of the 5th aeon
The shapeshifting herald of celestial bliss
The age of solitude
The wolves in sheepskin
Immense is this soil upon
Endless reaping before profane eyes

Yet now amongst the ruins of cosmos
Devoted is this song to watchers
A crescendo for this glorious harvest
The trumpet blows the final sign
A perpetual mainada of blood
Track Name: Thine art the Sulphur Plagues
Ancient dusk, Thou bestoweth unto me
And burning as embers art the silences from deep within
Where in shadowinds gather forth to celebrate this gift
In dim landscapes I shed this skin
In spaces unreached I rise
Let these wings embrace the dimensional vast skies
As the most powerful being
Here and Now!
Let me conquer as God

Spreading forth my blackest wings
In infinity I plant a new seed
For ten thousand lives of wandering and loss
An eternity I redeem to adore
A soul unbound and indestructible
A self beyond materialistic lies
Let humankind repent their sins
Let mortalkind suffer their curses

From Beyond and Above I laugh
To weave the destinies of a kind of abstinence and restrain
As I behold thy prayers
Thine art the sulphur plagues!
From below I cry not!
For untouched by grief I standeth tall
Beyond thine undying damnations
Beyond thy nevercoming salvations!

Day by day thine essence is aging
Breath by breath thou fadeth away
No tears, nor dirge for this ending rising
Just a forgotten tomb in solitude…

Eternity, Thou bestoweth unto me
The clarions proclaimeth the sacred time to reap
As a Harvester upon prey or as predator upon human fates
For thy chance when it came to choose
Between convenient lies or harsh Truths
In ignorance thou hath chosen to suffer
In thy dreams now adore me to hover
Here and Above
Here and Beyond…
Track Name: Teeth like Daggers